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Thread: Transfer Market.

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    Transfer Market.

    Going off from what I've learned or noticed from the transfer market would this be correct?

    Level 1- Transfer Market only involves L1 & L2 Players
    Level 2- Same as above.

    I will be on Level 3 next season would the transfer market only involve L3-L4 Players?

    Or am i completely wrong just I've never seen anyone over L2 make a bid on players I've bid for from L1 &L2.

    Do we just see different stars?
    ie if I'm on level 2 and i see a player at 99 the Level 1 player will see the player at 79 and his transfer fee will be half of mine?

    Then would this continue in L3 but with L3 & L4.?

    Do things just double?
    so a player at level 2 costing £2m would be £4 on level 3?

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    Oh are you in for a surprise tomorrow!
    At level 3 you'll be bidding against the rest of the known universe.
    You'll see players relative to your level. So a 5 star 95% player at level 3 will also show as 5 stars 95% to managers at all other levels. The price paid will be relative also, so you may pay 25 million (for example) whilst a level 30 manager may pay 120 million.
    If you can take screenshots for yourself follow a player on auction that gets bought by a higher level manager. Then find the manager through associations and look at the player who was auctioned and you'll see that apart from money value his abilities haven't changed.
    Don't rush in to buying first thing tomorrow. Take your time and watch some auctions first.
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    Good advice @Altiplano dont have to rush.

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    Ah right so I'm in with the big boys starting from tomorrow.
    I won't buy straight away i will watch the market like you say and see what goes on.
    but I'm prepared to battle i have a stocked up token kitty.
    bring it on lol
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    Wait till Thursday .. I always find that to be a good transfer day not so busy
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