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Thread: pls gimme a hint

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    Question pls gimme a hint

    Hey bros

    i've decided from last match of last season to change my formation and style of play

    my formation was unbalanced and iwas wining ez matchs and lossing almost the major of da hard matches

    so i've decdide to play with a very defisive formation but im confused do i have to play with 5 defenders or with 4 def players
    with 1 DMC player pls help me which gives my definsive strength a 3rd DC or a DMC player

    thanks managers have a gr8 day

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    Anytime I get confused about formations I use a basic 451v formation. orders: normal/mixed/mixed/force counter attack/low press/normal tackling/zonal/no offside trap. From there I play a couple of friendlies and start tweaking both the orders and the position of the players.

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    4+1 DMC is enough to face any oppo.
    But really formations is not important.
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    I would prefer to see some captures of your players and the page of the team stata, then you can use the same formation but you'll need some new players I guess... if you change the formation with same players there's a big chance that the problem will persist "if" the players performance don't change in a significant way when you switch their positions.