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Thread: Story of My team- Part 1: Resurrection

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    Red face Story of My team- Part 1: Resurrection

    Hi guys, I am a manager who took care of my beloved Tony FC since 2014. I was off for 2 years because of the University Exams.

    I resurrected my team at the beginning of February 2018. I dived into the transfer market and started to find the pieces for my 4-5V-1 formation since I am a hardcore fan of it. with 80T in my pocket, I bought a 19 yo AML named Kim Neumann( Kimmy) with the Shadow Striker SA. My other players are at 85-95 except for him at 100. I bought an AMR named Arlisson Garcia, which is 27yo at 95 rating.

    I returned when the league had passed 1/3 and my team is at 9th place. The first team I faced is an average team that is 2 rank above me. Guess what, Kim Neumann shined with a poker, which shocked his teammates and manager! His next match is another brilliant performance by the youngster, he scored a hat-trick and gave 2 assists against a 6% less team. The Top 4 of the League realized that the gap between them and me is reduced day by day.

    My team is relegated to Super League and I started investigate my opponent and research the opposing formation. I passed the 1/16 in a tough way. The French opponent whom I befriended always found out a way to counter me. I won 2-1 in the first leg, Kimmy scored a goal from penalty which sealed the match. The second leg is a real deal. He scored 2 straight goals in the first 30 mins of the match, which surprised and made me mad at my boyz. I suddenly think of an offensive formation. Opponent played 4-4-2 classic and I thought that I should add more fuel to the attack tank. I substituted my DC with my AML and put Kimmy into AMC spot. The ST whom was a disaster since the resurrection suddenly headed into the goal. A wonderful header from the effective corner kick of Kimmy. We brawled until extra time, where my AML scored a golden goal at the very last minute, which led to the eventual 2-2 draw that helped my team passing the 1/16 stage.

    Kimmy was still the MVP in the league. If he didn't score, he assisted. In contrast to my goal-machine, the STs are horrible. All 3 STs scored total 6 goals in the league. I keep adding more STs but cannot change the fact that my STs boots are made of wood. Meanwhile, Garcia started scoring. He nailed a hat-trick in the Hat-trick challenge. He nailed a hat-trick in the semi final of Super League and another in the net of the leader of my league table. I was at the 3rd position at round 23. I earned the Super League Final after a blasting 3-0 win. My team started a bad roll since the loss 2-3 we took at round 23. The opponents used the formation that locked Kimmy. He struggled. When I enrolled in my first ever Super League Final, I changed formation to weaken the rival. Unfortunately, the unexpecting result happened: I was smashing into the face by 3 goals. Even when I changed to 4-4-2 or 2-5-3 super attacking. I missed my chance at getting the ticket to CL.
    Back to my league, before round 26, the corresponding points of the top 5 were: 54-54-52-52(Me)-51. I must face the 2nd spot rival while the 1st face the 5th and the 3rd face the bottom team. In the first half, we competed in hard tackling and high pressing manner. Kimmy and Garcia got 2 shots that went straight into the posts.I switch to 3-1-4-2 from 3-1-5-1 for more pressure. I got the first sweet apple. Kimmy shot from over 30m and RIP the net. I changed my game plan. Focus on hard defense and I put my team at the lowest position on the field. 80th came, the rival ST scored from a lost ball in the midfield. He dribbled past my GK and put the ball into the net. The stadium is silenced. I crazily put my team back on the attacking train. 88th, a corner for my team, the ST missed the header again. 1-1. I down to the 5th place. I missed the CL spot. Twice. Not once. Was really disappointed with everyone except Kimmy and Garcia. First season, Kimmy shined and he is currently shared the goal scoring mission with Ciba- another AMR i bought with 1 token. Ciba got 2/3 of his matches MVPs and scored a lot for the team. Kimmy is not alone. Garcia is now just a Super-substitute but he still get the most important ball into da net.
    Unforgettable 1st season back as manager!

    To be continued...

    What about your stories? ^^
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    A lot of them can be found here:
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