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Thread: Is this a good deal

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    Is this a good deal

    So I saw this pop up on my recommendations Is this a good deal-img_0027.jpgThats not bad but before I bought him I wanted to hear some advice from other people

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    advice? uninstall and find a game that listen its community. with clear rules that does not change weekly
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    That’s not a bad price. I never get offers that low. If you have the tokens I’d say he’s worth a go. I only ever bought one player from offers and he’s doing ok.
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    Ha! I got a similar tempting offer today.
    Instant players. Now we no longer know how to train, the stupid prices we've been seeing for these players has suddenly dropped, making them more reasonable.
    So Top Eleven dumbs down even further.
    Few quality 18 year olds on auction pushes the prices to 40 tokens and above. So here's your instant player. Less interaction needed with the game, less time to play, less variation between teams.
    Every update takes us closer and closer to a dice roll and nothing else for our results.
    Buy and you have a striker. Don't buy and you could spend the rest of the season looking for one that you now won't know how to train.
    Good luck with that.

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    No it's not. save the 39 tokens ... you can get similar one (99%-54) for 15-20 tokens from auction after midnight or early morning and give him two training to become (100%-55)

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    I had a 6* 18 aged offer for 39T too... and one of 14T if I remember well... 5* in some other team....

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    You can get a similar player for 15-20 tokens on negotiations also
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan117 View Post
    You can get a similar player for 15-20 tokens on negotiations also
    I agree. This time - middle of the season, I believe you can buy such a player from nego list (5+5+10=20 tokens) with 99% q.
    Check first
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