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Thread: Training points

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    Training points

    I auto quote myself comment #167 of the main thread - "quote the source of your knowledge, makes you a honest person".

    Just to have the points that some people has guessed -and some thousands of Vietnameses tested and shared in private groups during the last week-

    Quote Originally Posted by Vernie83 View Post
    But where the new limits are? Is what we don't know and is what nordeus have to explain. Is so hard to tell us how? And, is normal to you that nordeus changed the system and after that they tell us?

    "Is so simple -and obvious to see having players of different kind-. there has been a de-relativization of the Main AvQ Star that previously regulated the XP gaining of each skill, and now the gaining is related to the own skill.
    So the attributes are auto regulated which means that as bigger it is, more slow it gains XP.
    That's why I could win with 400Tokens 150%'s in my DC CatsaƱo when he reached the 10th star.

    This basically means that we will have 2 groups of players for some time, those who already have high skills of what they consider Key Attributes (attack atributes for attackers, defensive attributes for defenders) and that will see that, as the skill is high, (remember that 200% are 11*, 220 are 12... then 13... and each star winning decreased in the main AvQ a 15% of the training speed -ex-linked to Age+Main Star, now as mentioned Own Skill- ) they will not be able to win points there as is like to have the "entire player" with 12, 13 or 15 stars.

    And then the new managers will be inside a 2nd group, including all those who did not oversized skills so they will understand easily where are the limits, buuuut...
    as I did with the main DC, the cost for those who already have oversized attributes to try to win the 10th star or even the 11th will be less, as the situation actually creates this scenario.


    With the first system that had a max-diff between groups of attributes I personally reached 12 stars of speed in 10* -1SP players -almost 1'* -skill Point- but, this was with the skills having limitations of -80% - now I guess... that we will be able, counting the non limits etc... to have attributes until 13-14*...buttt

    for those who understand of maths, and that understand the effect of the "exponential numbers".... will be more clear that each star win inside the own attribute increases the consumption for winning XP -old progress, now invisible because we have no bar till 99 as before- till limits that are really not very sustainable...

    edited 2,
    No, the thing i not that "right now theres no limit of quality", the point is that this creates a "exceptional situation" that is mentioned in my last paragraph, and that includes "all those" that already, thank's to the old system have skills to 340% or so, because these are forced to train lower skills, that now train faster, and this is what temporally helps to, win the 8th, 9th or 10th star,,,

    "But this is temporal"
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    I add this capture too, to solve some doubts -White skill have a XP gaining x2 compared with the grey attributes- (no, is not a grey 50% reduction Ive clarified this in the other thread, cause the old progress bar we had never reached 99 x3 , so the 3% are more or less like the old 150-170 +/- bar gaining x2).

    Training points-2star-train-white-faster.jpg