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Thread: Training speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by madflo19 View Post
    It depends what you call "mutant",you need much more greens for a player 340%-1% but now you can create a player +200%
    My wording was wrong. Can anyone show that managers are willing to create mutant players now? Sure, you can still do so if you have the time and money, but the necessary resources to do so have increased hugely.

    I think, although it's still early days, that having players at +200% is much more realistic than having players at 340%-1%. It's going to be a while before people understand how to train players in the most efficient way, you can either throw greens at the problem or farm until it becomes clearer. I know what I'm gonna do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobobo View Post
    <...> i know what i'm gonna do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeDzy View Post
    Probably the same as me, im sitting on over 6k greens on my main team right now. Just using to beef up some players to the transfer market (the X9%s) to farm some tokens. Team is at 73% right now lol This season wasnt going to be any good anyway, lots of players reached 28 now. So, this and next 2 seasons gonna be all about farming resources anyway. I still get really good results with GK training with FTs though... 24 GKs + 1 actual training, still yielding 35-45% points. I pasted a picture somewhere in the forum...

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