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Thread: Help me turn around 0-3!

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    Technicly you just want to have defencemen over his attackers and you dont want him to have defencemen over your attackers.
    im not sure if that is clear but 4-2-3-1 seems legit, both striker covered by your 2 dc, dl and dr defend against advanced mr and ml and your amr and aml also serve as pressure vs mr and ml stopping play between his defencemen and his wings. He doesn't have a middle dc neither a dmc so you want to exploit those weakness by attacking trough the middle. So the game will play between your MCs and his MCs everytime you win this play your AMC should get the ball next and have no defenseman to bully him.
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    How to do the up arrow on dmc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aku Papua View Post
    How to do the up arrow on dmc?
    try put your DMC up forward until some of his circle enter MC zone as in the photo in my previous reply in this thread,

    and see how he goes
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