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Thread: Training 101 :)

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    Training 101 :)

    Hey there fellow managers

    As a player returning after a couple of years I see some major changes implemented in the game.
    One of the great expectations... ekhm... changes is the training section.

    I am now level 10 and I have unlocked about a half of the training drills. For some I have gained a level 2 while the great majority has only one whistle.
    Is my understanding correct that the drills marked with level 2 work better / faster than the level 1 ones?
    Does the level of the drill have any real impact on the players' progress?

    While I'm at training, a second question comes to mind.
    Should the drill types (attack / def / stamina) be matched to the players' specific positions?
    For example, does it make sense to perform defense drills to strikers?
    Or should I just divide my players into groups and train them according to their positions?

    Sorry if this has been already covered in another post, I haven't found it.
    Many thanks for your replies
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    The higher the drill level, the more skill points gained.

    You will notice that players have some white skills and some Grey skills. It has been proven that it's best to find drills that train just the white skills and try to completely avoid training the grey skills.

    Welcome back!
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    wow, came back after a long time.
    Well, yes many things have changed (most for the worst) .
    Training was started as an interesting new feature but turned in a mess with "mutant" players (with very high only few skills).
    You can see some threads about this.

    Is my understanding correct that the drills marked with level 2 work better / faster than the level 1 ones?
    That;s correct
    You can read some threads- guides of Toxcatl and Svanberg about training here

    Few tips I can give
    - One of the most important things is to get the daily bonus ( 4X10%) from training.
    To do that, set all your players in six drills , the easy-very easy , 2 from M&P, 2 from attack, 2 from defense.
    Using the X2 video and doing two training of -6,75% condition loss each, you can get the 4X10% bonus (remember that you must tab one of the 4 buttons during the game).
    Hanging around in the forum and in the game, learn and test things and avoid power-training as we have some issues lately.
    Farm and save your packs for later.
    The good thing is that now we can farm every day from 25-30 vids.

    * and find an group to play associations.
    It's the best part of the game if you take it easy.
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