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Thread: Nothing changed in T11...

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    Game is cool and if you watch good is close to real footbal.Injuries? all know what happened with Ronaldo(mean Brazilian) in Inter,last Champions leage Barca game Messi(coach cant heal him with red packs) get injuried what need to do Barca coach mb leave?And about token wars look what happened with transfers in real footbal i mean Man city,PSG,Real etc,they buy top players bcz they have money.Here is same if you have money for tokens your squad will be top,if you dont buy tokens and if you want to play for free you need to think what to do very good(look in real footbal team like Everton team without big money like other top 7 teams but with chance for Champions leage,you can chek Everton trasfers last 3 years and lets be my favorite team Liverpool it is normal Everton to fight for CL and Liverpool no ?:X)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeon View Post
    he makes a lot of wrong statements

    The servers are providing biding wars or crappy players? what do you want, good players for 1T for everyone?
    Only the good players get injured? Sry bro if you are unlucky, but its definitly not true. Some of my worst ones got injured too.

    Its just a QQ post without any ideas for improvement. I dont see how his post is worth anything to the forum

    and yes, I am aware that my post is even ****tier, but I am as pissed off threads like this as he is pissed off the game. I just dont get why poeple dont quit if its sooo bad

    and I dont think you can call someone a 100% asshole without being offensive. But dont worry, I dont care what u think
    I understand your frustration and others being frustrated. I see it too, but I dont tell them to go crying to mommy or play solitaire.
    I apologize for calling you an asshole, but your post was very asshole-ic. As much as his post was worthless to this forum, your response was equally worthless.

    I just call a spade a spade. I am not a forum mod or the politically-correct police, I just thought your reply was thoughtless and plain offensive.

    Dude, do what I do...take it out on your next opponent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimdim1 View Post
    i am L5 and after 4 levels nothing is better and nothing has changed ..

    The idiotic cup system didnt changed even if a lot of players complained about it..
    Actually, they DID change it. Some like it, some don't. If you have an idea that will make everyone happy, then you, sir, should be running for President of the World instead of playing games.

    The injuries are more and more every day and ALWAYS in the key or best players.
    False perception. Make a spreadsheet and track player quality, playing time, training, player health, player morale, number of boosters, etc. You'll quickly see the real pattern.

    The servers are providing bidding wars,or crapy players
    Do you sell your best players? Why do you think anyone else would? Yes, Nordeus adds extra, generated, players to the market and yes, they're generally crappy. Would you prefer having fewer available players 9and thus, by the Law of supply and demand, even worse bidding wars)? You've figured out the best times to buy players. So, when you SELL a player, what times do you sell them? Or, more to the point, are there particular times you'll AVOID selling a player?

    The transfer market is full of robots that eat ur tokens even for a 4* player.

    The youth academy provides u 2-4* player which are totally useless and they require 20 tokens to keep them !!!!!!!
    This is true.

    The leagues are full of robots and inactive teams
    True. What's your solution? When you have a good one, post it in the suggestions forum. If it really is good, I'll make you a wager on its inclusion in the game.

    The Nor news,notes,advices are for kids as they think they speak to kids.
    Given the typical level of whining in the forums, it seems like they're addressing the common denominator (i.e. their customers).

    ps.The only change i saw in my league is that i had in 4 levels to compete with 15 robots or inactive i have 3-4 real managers with very good teams ,so i will have some competition and interest for the game..

    BUT the 2 of them i picked them as friends from the market in the first day,and the idiot programmers thought the common sense and put us in the same league,so i will have some interest for the game (good job idiots..its the first usefull thing u did for the game after 4levels.
    Umm ... in the help/FAQ it's always (since I've been here) said that's the way leagues are formed. Nothing new there.

    What's your beef? You've figured out the best times to buy players (and conversely, that those are the worst times to sell players), you've figured out how to find active managers to add as friends to improve your chances at a competitive league, you understand the weaknesses of the system and how to best exploit them to your advantage (just remember, every other reasonably smart player has figured them out too.) ... so enjoy the game. or don't.
    ~^~*~^~ My opinions are best when taken with a grain of salt. No iodine added. ~^~*~^~

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