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Thread: 2 troll results in a row

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    2 troll results in a row

    I'm first in the league, so so I could do without writing this topic, but I have two results in a row, yesterday and today, and now the second behind me is at only 2 points.

    Yesterday match: I'm 120%, he 98%, and probably it's an abandoned team. Bonus possession 15% for me, he's not present, naturally.
    2 troll results in a row-cattura.jpg

    Today match; I'm 120%, he 103%, bonus possession 11% for me, and OF COURSE he's not present.
    2 troll results in a row-cattura2.jpg

    My question to Nordeus is...why I have to spend my time to train my team and follow the matches? I can accept a draw or a lost with a weaker team sometimes, it can happen.

    But not like this.

    Two ridicolous matches against NOBODY.

    It's vert frustrating and boring.

    Maybe if I don't follow the matches will I be rewarded?

    The game engine has definitely deteriorated.

    Nordeus, do you want to keep losing players?
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    You remind me a lot of myself in the beginning asking similar questions. You won't get a satisfying answer this is the way the game was designed and as you can see they don't care about changing.
    The game is starting to get stale for me after 2 years and that is because if you play normally, you will have troll results that in my opinion are used to help the predetermined team win. Take a look to your close teams in the league, when I was 2nd or 3rd and the 1st team lost I was happy I was finally going to go close but usually I would also get trolled too.

    The other side is when you manipulate the game becomes boring with tennis results.
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    so the second in the league will have a troll result in next match...

    Anyway it's boring this fact.