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Thread: No sense at all!

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    No sense at all!

    Excuse me, but this game is turning ridiculous!

    2 teams, same quality.
    He plays 4-3W-1-2, i play 3-5-2

    First game i lose 4-1. Ok, let's change a bit.

    Second game, he plays 4-3W-1-2, i go 3-1-4-2

    Until 10 min, he got a red card and i scored a goal.
    Things going pretty nice.
    Then out of nowhere, he scored 2 goals!
    I change to 3-5-2
    Remember that i am playing with 5 midfielders, i have all the possesion!

    The entire game i went full attacking, but i couldn't even make enough opportunities!

    This game is just turnin ridiculous and random!

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    winning posses doesnt be guarantee to win the game , I have had a few match recently with lower team and even i win posses, i still lost
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    I`m losing to teams in league that are 5/8 less rating than me even thought i`m dominating 60+ possession yet in champions league i`m kicking butt against simalar rating teams than my self ?? yet i`m not doing anything different, so your not the only going to
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    There are no answers to this kind of questions. It's the game engine who does it all. No tactics matter, no formations matter, only quality matters. When you win you win because of the game engine, when you lose you lose because of the game engine. Everything is random.

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