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Thread: Kick out not active from association

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    Kick out not active from association

    How do we kick out not active players from our association when the captain is one of them?


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    You can't

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    If he is the captain but he is not active anymore (must be proven), you can ask from support to remove him and replace with a vice-captain.
    But only for some kind of abandoned team.
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    This situation occurred with me and we had to wait a whole season for nordeus support to believe the captain had quit. Yes, they removed that player and promoted a playing captain. It is one of the rare instances that nordeus support was actually helpful.

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    I had this in my association Captain went awol and the other 5 were active.
    So i chased up support to tell them he was fecking up our association team but being captain we couldn't dislodge him.
    Reply from support was the player has to be inactive for a whole month before they can do anything.
    so its a game of wait and see I'm afraid.
    ours went 2 month to get him out as he randomly once logged in to check my messages i sent him on the chat.

    Best thing to do is don't try to contact him don't leave him messages as 1 log in from him could kill another month for you even if its a 1 minute check from him it's countered as a log in.
    It hurt us alot as he had 2 goalkeepers in central midfield so we were losing automatically 6 pts every game along with a massive goal disadvantage on a tied game.
    Know how you feel mate just get in contact with support tell them your problem and make sure you get the month no log in and there out message from them.
    also like i said don't leave any messages for him because if he reads them your fecked again.