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Thread: Transfer Dilema

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    Question Transfer Dilema

    At the moment i`m fighting all 3 comps and plan on selling 3 players at the start of next but two players i have with skill points saved can be 5* now so am thinking of adding on but not to 5*, i`m thinking of leaving 1 point short so here`s the prob my squad 21 at the moment with all position covered and as stated going for all 2 comps, so ?

    1, add skill point`s leaving 1 short from 5* and see if anyone comes in on negotiation, or

    2, carry on till end of season and add skill point`s at the start of new season and hope for first day transfer madness

    edit i also have 154 tokens saved with more to come as i`m not entering transfer market unless a cracker comes along
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    You can always leave the players 1 point short of 5* for a few days and if you don't get any decent offers on negotiations you can either continue adding points or auctioning the players off at 1 point short of the next star to hopefully encourage a bidding war.
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