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Thread: No, I will not fall into this token trap!

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    No, I will not fall into this token trap!

    Thanks Nordeus. Thanks for nothing.

    Let me explain that. And, BTW, this is NOT a rant, but a request.

    I finally have some 4 * players on the Transfer list. All of them are under 22 or over 30. Almost all of them are still penalty specialists if they have any SA at all. I am hardly going to pay over $5M for the 18 yo ST (33 Quality) with FKick SA.
    I dont powertrain so its a waste of money and tokens to fight to get him.

    If you want me to use my tokens, put some 5* players on the list. Make it worth my while. I am trying to replace an AML/AMC with shadow who is 26 quality (worst on team) with a 4 star, but you keep showing crap quality (27-28) with no SA at all. I am expected to dish out 5-10+ tokens for an upgrade of 2 quality? Like I said, make it worth my while.

    My team avg quality is 32.1 so I hardly want to spend tokens on players less than this quality as I am preparing for level 5 and dont want to waste my precious tokens. You try to make me spend them on red packs with the incredible frequent injuries, but I will lose my games and finish bottom before I spend one more red pack this season. Mind you, if the game is the CL semi or final, I might be persuaded to spend a red pack in order to win that trophy, but I will cross that river when I get to it.

    I have one of the best teams in my league and one of the best teams in my CL competition, so you will have to tempt me with more quality than you are currently trying with in order to get me to spend these precious tokens.

    The name is TUCKER, not SUCKER, as my dad would frequently say.

    Colin OUT!
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    was going to post but don`t want this rant or vent thread

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    I've been wait since maintenance this morning for a decent young 5* nowt!!
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    wow, your server must suck big time for you to have a team of only 32,1 stars @lvl 4 and still be one of the best around.

    on my server, there's always a bunch of 5-star 35-39 players (35-39 stars in skills that is).