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Thread: Keeper injured under match

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    Unhappy Keeper injured under match

    My keeper got injured under a game. But i have to wait 6 min to replace him. And the other team scored a goal under the time i didn't have a keeper. I press the button and replace him whit the reserve keeper directly when i saw that he got injured. But still the game get on in 6 min before my reserve keeper got sub in. Lucky for me i won the game 4-1. But still shouldn't the keeper got change at once?

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    Bug with the game subs do take awhile.
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    I played without my GK for 60 min and manged to win ...

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    dont worry, the other team didnt score coz your goalie wasnt in goal. there's a bug in this game and when someone gets injured, the game engine thinks he isn't injured. That's why you will still be able to win games with injured players - even if they are goalies.

    a few times, the other team won't even be allowed to get shots on the injured goalie