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Thread: Not able to win a single game....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hectorblg View Post
    First 3 seasons game was great, but this it went worse than ever.

    I have 1 victory in the last 8 games. 5 games in a row that I can't win. My team is at 93, always training, always having all bonus at least at 8, always preparing to the game with SUPERB. It started with 3 draws in the league with lower teams, and then it went worse than ever. It was a game that really made me angry, a 0-0 draw with a team at 43.

    Posesion 70-30, shots 26-12, shots on target 9-2..... Result 0-0. "We came up short today" it said.

    Then the next game was even worse. It was a game against a team at 92, so it was equal. I was the local, the other manager didn't attend the game.

    Statistics: Posesion 57-43, corners 7-5, shots 16-16, shots on target 6-6.... I lost 4-1. 3 unsuccesful attacks in a row of my team... on it's first attack the other team scored with a very far shot from the middle field. I was making a formation change, and in the time it took me, there were 2 goals in a row. So I was 0-3 in less than a minute. It was doomed since the beginning... So it really doesn't matter if you attend your game, it doesn't matter that you train, it doesn't matter that you try to change your strategy in the game, it doesn't matter the bonuses....

    Tomorrow I have a game against a 47, if I don't win, my theory is right.

    On the first seasons, I bought some tokens, but this one I've been watching too many videos. I'm starting to think there's an important algorithm in the game. You don't pay $$ you will get -40 luck for all the matches....

    Does anyone have another explanation?
    I've never bought a token and I win loads even tho I watch all the free videos

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    Mutant nerf.

    Nordeus lessened the impact of skills to try and make the game fair for all managers. In other words, give normal managers a chance against the mutants.

    But nordeus screwed the players that don't build mutants in the process. They're idiots.

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