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Thread: Change in Stars of players

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    Change in Stars of players

    The inflation in stars became due to friendlies so unrealistic imo

    I suggest a change in visuality by making 1 star = 30%

    2 star players from 30 to 60 yellow color

    3 stars from 60 to 90 yellow color

    4 stars from 90 to 120 orange color

    5 stars 120 to 150 orange color

    6 stars 150 to 180 red color

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    I don't agree because this gonna bring confusio for the low q players we see in the market (and they are useful because we can buy and sell them with negotiations).

    First nordeus should keep their promise

    180% Average Quality (Not Skill/Attribute) cap: When your player reaches 180% average quality, they will not be able to go above that figure.

    Then must put a limit in skills.
    Don't know, some percent above the avg quality.

    then must put some limits in friendlies.
    Don't know, some max number per day or the limit of gaining the +4% (motm) only if a player has some min condition.

    I 'm not against the friendlies as the game it is right now, because it's the only way to keep your favorite club legend for many seasons (which is impossible with any other way)
    but this is too much - lol
    Change in Stars of players-34-yo-200-q.jpg

    * he 's not tanking, last season won the League
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