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Thread: Formation ACM ST Goal contribution

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    Formation ACM ST Goal contribution

    Hey there im trying to win the leagues top goalscorer but somehow i won every game so far and have a goal difference of 29 but my amc and strikers arent scoring that much against much weaker defences usually the difference is huge like 95-55.
    What have you experienced? Whats the best formation to play with for strikers and AMC it can be attacking as hell i really dont mind maybe someone knows how to set up one AMC and 2 strikers so up that they get goal by goal lol.

    I appreciate your ideas, thank you

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    My goal scorers have always been my AML and AMR. It seems that ST don’t cut the mustard these days. As such, I concentrate passing to those two. My AML scores in nearly every game.
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    Like dave said. Think of every striker on TE like Giroud, the hold the ball and pressure the defence. They only score on special occasions.
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    Keep this in mind, "roles assignation" and "simplification of roles". The game calibrates your whole squad, doing limitations of contribution so you'll never have 11 players scoring 40 goals each.

    If the game choses some positions to be the source of your success, others are missed. And that's what occur with the STs.

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    If you want your ST to score more, you simply move down your AML/AMR to ML/MR and suddenly ST is scoring like hell... and I'm not joking, noticed that quite some time ago.

    Last season I played all matches in 4-5V-1 formation and AML/AMR were top scorers with ST going in 3rd place. This season same players but formation is 4-1-4-1 and now ST is top scorer (scoring 2-3 times more than last season) and AML/AMR are in 2nd and 3rd place in terms of scored goals and even MC's started to score much more...
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    Power train your strikers and AMC. Also give the st special abilities of freekick and one on one, and the attaching midfielder shadow striker. Play normal, mixed, mixed, on counter and in defense offside trap off, the rest are optional depending on what happens on the pitch. This is basically from BeckStar's post "Top formations"

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    Thank you guys. Appreciate all replies!

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