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Thread: Straight & deflected free kick goals

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    guys with FK specialists score by deflecting balls but not all of the times. I never saw them score straight balls.

    guys with high shooting-finishing skills or one-one/penalty SA score through straight rockets to the high 90 degree angle and never saw them score through deflection...

    recently (This season ) I start seeing 3-4 stars GK saving straight rocket shots in 90 degree by 6* stars attackers.. definitely devs has made some nasty changes recently

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    Sometimes (rarely) oppo GK saving deflecting shots too.
    That's a sign of a coming troll
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    Only players with this sa can make that curve shot.
    Not that a player witout sa cannot be excellent in f-k or pass the ball above the wall but this extra curve can be made only from specialists.
    You must get one.
    It's one of the best scenes in live animations this Roberto Carlos style
    I've scored loads of curved free kicks, I don't have a free kick specialist, and last season even when I had 1 I had my leading goalscorer taking them to help him finish top scorer

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