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Thread: Help in all Competitions

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    Help in all Competitions

    Guys I am participating in all competitions

    LEAGUE : 2nd And a difference of 3 points
    The 1st placed team has a rating of 110% compared to mine which is 93% and they play 442 or 451(2mc,3 aml amc amr) So any help of countering those two lineups will be appreciated

    CL : Currently in round of 16 and lost 2:1 away to a 105% team

    Cup : Into the semi final facing a weaker team but the final will be challenging

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    this might help you in deciding ur strategy.

    in league u can play normal/defensive with high pressing with passes mixed ; in second half u can focus the passing on that part of the field where the opponent has weakest palyers in terms of form and stars.

    should be an easy ride as the opponent is weak

    P.S. morale MUST be highest and condition over 85%.

    reply back and let me know if this helps u cuz maybe we can arrive at a strategy for high rated opponents....