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Thread: Playing through left/right flank

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    Playing through left/right flank

    I have a question regarding the ingame tactic setting " play through right wing" or through left wing. Does this depends how my team players are stated regarding positions or either the opponent ones? So lets say i have an AMR and AML, opponent has a DL but no DR. The DR spot is at the position of my AML so if i set attack through left flank it will always go through DL ML and AML of my side. Did i understand that right? Im having issues with that because once i set that up like above and my team was only playing on the other side...

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    I copy pase my comment #7 from

    "The game grants "roles". These roles are linked to comments and particular actions. Ive said it loads of times but you can't have 11 players scoring 40 goals each cause the own game calibration.

    A player, need space to be a key player, this means that, or noone is, or another have to be overcomed in it's role. And all, is the same, including orders. Is not a X vs Y, is a Work or not with independance "of"."

    And I keep my thesis about the variability in the scenarios that have no relation with the oppo orders.
    Or works, or not. But the game will set a better way to have more control vs the oppo' and it can be, for left flank, right or for the middle. Its variable. And the formation dont matter, and oppo orders nether.
    You can play with aml + amr vs a 3DC's formation and, lose possession attacking from left flank.

    Or works, or not and this with each order in a particular scenairo, Same with the players when join a team.
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