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Thread: Proof that you can have 3 superb strikers

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    In my second club as well, the striker scoring the most with 41 again, but also takes freekicks.

    Was playing 4-2-3-1 with an AMC scoring 27 goals as well, but I sold him today because of the draw mechanics.

    Proof that you can have 3 superb strikers-flowscorer.jpg

    Proof that you can have 3 superb strikers-flowstats.jpg

    Front 3 doing work, next season switching back to 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly, means hopefully even more scorer points for them.
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    My 2 cents worth:

    Level 5, League Top Scorers and Team Top Scorers: ST Reus led the league in scoring, AMR Son led the team (136 goals, 48 assists, 32 MOM for front 3)

    Level 7, League Top Scorers and Team Top Scorers: AML Sanchez led both the league and the team (113 goals, 52 assists, 27 MOM for front 3)

    I think it helps that I've been pretty much dominating my leagues, and maybe it won't stay that way at higher levels. But I get tons of goals from all across my front line (AML, ST, AMR).

    Oh, and my free-kick specialist is a MC, so none of the front three take free kicks (unless the specialist is out).

    Seasons: 16
    Level: 16
    League Titles: 8 / Runner-up 2
    Champions League Titles: 4 / Runner-up 3
    Cup Winners: 4 / Runner-up 2
    Trebles: 1

    Play with honor, win or lose. #NeverTanker

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    But we can see more or less how the game chose a max. of 3 high scorers, max. 4 (and here I would like to know who decreases the avq to manipulate comps^^ lol)

    So, this is the ratio, and this happens because there's "dominance space" for these players to be key players in this position.

    Myself Ive expecienced a situation, and we've seen many times, how a team with key players for example as DL/DR MC and some AM maybe can try to buy +5-6 different STs to have an scorer there, but due these limits the players never change the original rank of contrirbutors, so they -all STs I bought- are hidden by the engine just been there as a potato in front a Gk. And all of them.

    In the cases we see here, would be the same if I challenge you to try to buy a MC who can score 30 goals per season, it would need space to be a key player if that happens and probably the team dynamic would change (and maybe hardly lol).

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Can you go to the team list page and select the stats to see allthe info team -goals-assists-mom etc-

    The game regulates, and limites the contribution, it is difficult see a team with 3 STs that "are allowed" to play superb but, not imposible.

    Seems a good season btw
    I play 2 st and they usually get one and 2 top scorer

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