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Thread: T11 problems to be fixed in 2019

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    yes, i'm playing already 4th season with the same opponents. The CL and Cup the same finals players

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    Quote Originally Posted by eXtEnDeD View Post
    1. Live Animations - they are so predictable, also need to add own goals and corner kicks after a yellow card are absolutely nonsense - in real football this would never happen. Also some special abilities of players seem to be useless, e.g: My GK is penalty specialist and while saving penalty the SA image doesn't show above him, or Dribbler and 1v1 Striker seem to have absolutely no effect and they cost 50 training points.
    2. League live matches don't show me as the bouncing ball, need to reach them through Fixtures section.
    3. Profile images of some players are not showing, instead of it I see annoying loading bars all the time.
    4. In some matches I get disconnected about 87' minute without leaving any match summary.
    As we are talking here mainly about minor bugs which still ruin the total impression of the game I need to agree with the above as I also face just the same problems:
    1. Sometimes can't enter the games through bouncing ball
    2. Not showing the profiles of managers
    3. More disconnects during the last minutes of the games

    Additionally during the last several days I have the following problems (didn't have these problems previously but constantly observe them during the last days):

    1. The game freezes on the 50th minute when I attend the matches of my friends
    2. Subs are 30-40 minutes late or don't happen at all
    3. Sometimes I can not open the screen with the information about my opponent. It is simply blank and seems to be loading but nothing appears even after several minutes.

    And finally once again let's discuss the match stats and how stupid they seem (I don't talk here about the assistant which must be removed ASAP as it is the biggest glitch of this game)

    Here is the screen shot of my last game which I hardly won 3-2 scoring at the last second of the game. As you can see all the stats are absolutely equal with almost the same ball posession for both teams

    T11 problems to be fixed in 2019-1.jpg

    The biggest joke is that my opponent is 38% (!!!) lower than me who didn't attend the match and had no support while I had +15 bonus with several friends watching the game. So please, explain to me, how the hell it is possible that team with 3 stars players who get 5.3-5.7 marks after the game can have equal ball posession and chances with much stronger team

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    I don't ask for much.
    But please develop a filter in the friend's fixture page that allow me to view only fixtures of determined friends/competition/date. Scroll down/up every time searching through all the games fixtured take a lot of time unnecessarily.
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    nice suggestion #23. we need this because we are not only playing TE but also building a community to share are experiences. so if we need to focus on a particular friend we will need this feature.

    #22 man thank God you won it could have been uglier. with a very similar opponent and stats were all on my favor i drew. lol
    (i wasnt attending the match though but still non active weaker teams can't do this with us)

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    Work on it- T11 2019? Thats the reason that there are no events?

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    Two things not previously mentioned:

    1) Associations deadlock penalties bug. This has been happening since the year dot in one form or another and still hasn't been fixed (see the thread in the 'Bugs' forum).

    2) Assistant Manager 'advice' in 2nd Leg of Cup and CL/SL knockout ties. He's reading the result of the 1st Leg the wrong way round and basing his 2nd Leg advice on that erroneous information (see the thread in 'Bugs' forum).
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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