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Thread: T11 problems to be fixed in 2019

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    T11 problems to be fixed in 2019

    So after the thread from Hunter on how good T11 is ( let's now discuss the current problems of the game hoping they can be solved with the release of T11 2019.

    I will simply name here some latest bugs and glitches which appeared recently after the last 2 updates and which cut my eye each time I see them. I think some of you may not experience these exact problems but some other problems so you are free to continue this list as the thread is open for discussion. So here we go:

    1. In-game chat doesn't work correctly. Often it doesn't work at all especially when you need to send some message to your team mates during FA games. Always it freezes and the messages you have ready still appear as new and each time you need to go through the whole list of 40-50 messages just to check the latest one.

    2. In game clock doesn't work correctly. After the last update with Halloween event the clock on the main screen doesn't count correct time till the next match. It can show 30 minutes when actually the game is to start in 2-3 minutes.

    3. Notifications for the upcoming games don't work correctly. When they have to come 15 minutes before the game sometimes they may come 6-7 minutes before the game, sometimes they advice you to prepare the team for the game even after the match. Notifications after the match also don't come in time. Mostly 1 hour after the game but can be 2-3 hours late. Friendly matches are not notified any more.

    4. Very often the game freezes during the opening of the match and you need to restart the phone. In the last event it was also freezing during the search of the opponent.

    5. After the KOTH event the match freezes in 90% of the cases when it comes to overtime just between 102-106 minutes (for me it is mostly 104 minute), so again you need to restart it.

    6. The problem with the latest video-packs availability is already discussed here but it still exists. 24 hours delay never guarantees you the availability of the videos. Please, return to the previous mode.

    7. Current animation is somehow strange right now. When I watch live animation I can see only my team attacking with many shots on goal. But when the first stats appear I see that I had only 1 shot on goal when the opponent 6 or even 7. Also during each game I can have 3-4 counter attacks but my ST keeps shooting the ball to the sky. Sometimes the goals are scored when the ball passes to out. My DC are often running to counter attacks, and my AML AMR are playing mostly on wrong flanks. Too many goals from the center of the field. At least this is according to live animation.

    8. Too many troll or random results after the last update. Especially in my league. I can easily lose to a bot team 40% worse than me. And this season I had more than 5 results of such a kind.

    9. Broken draws engine. For many seasons in my league I have to play against the same opponent who from the first day of the season is 35-40% better than any other team of the league and he never lowers his team to get better opponents. Draws in FA matches are even worse. So many examples when 3 stars FAs had to play against 7 stars.

    No it's your turn, guys, to express yourselves. If you have noticed I don't discuss the events which also have lots of bugs but only mention here the main gameplay.

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    Hi, all,

    I agree that following issues have to be fixed:

    1) Association chat often looses messages and you never know wether you'll see them published once you reconnect to top11.
    You have more likely to write them again (a very old issue,indeed)

    2) In game clock does not work correctly

    3) Connection drops down during the game too often,expecially at the end of both halftimes.

    4) issues related to video,rests ,etc

    5) Lots of trolling results: during the match, so many errors for strikers (shots,free kicks,corners...) are not acceptable,
    while any kind of opponent (dogs and pigs) finalize their chances so easily.
    It's not realistic at all!!


    6) Association draw is a real disaster.
    You have an 80% team in a 80% association and you might face an opponent 80% having all 170% players as reserves!?
    It mustn't be possible:170% members have to face the highest member of opponent association,regardless if top players have been
    entered or appear as reserves

    Strict rules are required,as it was in earliest versions of association.
    This kind of association is a waste of time and resources,is meaningless.

    7) This is the issue I've always considered the biggest one,as it binds the game to an abnormal status:
    when a top level in a specific server has not enough teams to be promoted to next level, all teams
    stay to that level in the next season (regardless of their league position) and teams promoted from lower level join them.

    Binding teams coming from different levels at the same level does not help for a good management of regular seasons:
    the challenge is saving and not winning regular season.

    Fewer teams+ relocated teams = same opponents (often 7,8 and 9 stars) in regular season ---> issue 9) Broken draw engine
    Binding teams coming from different levels at the same level

    The only way out might be reversing teams from one server into another one,in order to refill top levels,
    but changing server function has not been implemented,unfortunately.

    We do not need a new graphical layout for the app to to enjoy it again:
    top11 should be strategy,competition,challenge vs all kinds of opponents
    but not wondering if my opponent,appearing as 70%, is actually 140% or 200%
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    What needs fixing:

    First, I accept that this game was broken by mutants in the first place. I will admit, I have mutants on my team. Alot of the issues we are seeing in regards to random results might be stemming from nordeus attempting to fix the mutant problem.

    I understand several here probably aren't aware or experiencing this, so i'll show some screenshots of my team to explain an example. For more example, follow some of the fb groups. You'll see what is occurring to Ishi is not an isolated occurance.

    Ishi, is by far by best player based upon skills. Looks like the type of players that the upsellers used.

    T11 problems to be fixed in 2019-1-association-1.jpg

    Ishi is 4th on the team in goals scored. Sure, set pieces provides a boost in goals and assists. But Jiang and Centeno don't take any set pieces either.

    I do not know where the limiter is, in regards to mutants being rendered ineffective. Based upon my games, it feels like its only in effect while challenges are live.

    T11 problems to be fixed in 2019-1-association-3.jpg

    If managers used friendly trick to train players, and have several players trained like Ishi, they're probably being effected by the same thing that is effecting Ishi. So an increase in troll results might actually be nordeus attempting to balance the game by flushing out mutant players.

    As for the things I vote need fixing the most.

    1. Connection problems. Leaving match @ 44', then returning and it's at the 41st minute.

    Possibly disconnections as well. This however could be a wi-fi problem, as some wi-fi setups don't disconnect me, while others do.

    2. Association draw: Need to do something about draw manipulation.
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    2. Association draw: Need to do something about draw manipulation.
    Is there any other way of doing this except of buying 5*-6* players to replace your low quality 1*-2* players after the draw ?

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    Good post
    Hope nordeus take actions
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    Cos of ONE mutant in my team - I am losing all the matches now- ( which I defeated them quite comfortably previously) and he stopped scoring.
    I have a useless 8* team now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chai View Post
    Cos of ONE mutant in my team - I am losing all the matches now- ( which I defeated them quite comfortably previously) and he stopped scoring.
    I have a useless 8* team now
    You can't have 8* team having only 1 mutant player. I have 3 mutant attacking players and the ovr of my team is only 110-115 by the end of the season. But it's fact that the last season my mutant strikers started to play much worse (but only in League which is totally disappointing for me this season)

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    Mutant - combo of friendlies and training
    8* - some purchases,
    Some with hard training- attain 8*

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    I would do the following:

    1. Change the training so that there is no upper limit (currently level 91) or it takes longer to get there (but the training rewards are better) - they also need to ensure training doesn't produce mutants no matter how much money / tokens / rests you spend

    2. Youth / Academy players - why would I want an 18 year old that's at 62% - surely my maxed out training could give the odd 'worldie'?

    3.Make the ceiling % for every player 100%

    4. Ensure that you don't face the same 6 league opponents each season

    5. Sort out the assistant manager so that the advice given can be acted upon to potentially alter the match results

    6. If you make tactical changes in a match these should have a bearing on the actions on the field

    7. Stop illegal formations such as 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 6 attacking midfielders / strikers

    That's all for now - I'll probably think of more when I've sent this!

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    Game commentaries should be changed. It's getting boring the same texts for couple of years. Also training system should be really revamped. It's really annoying the fact if you to win a match, you have to take a lot of trainings every single day. This needs to be fixed. Too complicated and unnecessary now
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