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Thread: Is it worth it?? No2

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    Because you are a scouter, every team active will be setting hard tackling on so you are bound to get the odd injury but 8!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro Edu View Post
    if you think/know that having a limit injured players maybe you can explain how the injury server works to figure out a good manager can prevent from happening that (more then 4 injured players is way unrealistic and does not provide a healthy game) ?

    Ps. before a smart mod post here "to the vent thread" i would like to say one single problem i noticed today :
    i got to favorite like 5 players top quality to watch how bid goes and for my surprise a random player (Milan) bid on all that players , nothing wrong or bad right ? , but after winning two players and engaging to a bid war on the 3rd player ... i was thinking he brought tokens recently ... he got 3 players from what i saw on auction and i am 100% sure !
    Now can any mod/smart guy explain me why does only 1 player from the 3 recently brought show up in his team ?

    do not reply with bull**** like : he exceeded the limit of players / it`s your eye half blind
    Why is 'he exceeded the limit of players' not a proper answer? If they have 22 already, you won't see the new signings. Also, I had sometimes a team that bought players but when I click on their squad they still have spaces but no new players. Maybe you need to be in their league to see their 'updated' squad

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplySimon View Post
    Why is 'he exceeded the limit of players' not a proper answer? ...
    because i know the limit of players you can own with contract ... i just don`t take that as a proper answer ... find a new explication please !

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