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    Quote Originally Posted by EastsiderSG View Post
    Does anyone know if this change is effective?
    Yep, the changes are already affecting the current asso draws, that can't be manipulated as before.

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    MGRE and captain, i know you read the forums but you missed this. I wasnt talking crap. Association draws are made based on team average fielded during gameweek. Sorry to leave on the last day but i endured it in Gold 1 but Platinum is totally different and i was told to mind my own business anyway. And no, it isnt a strategy unless the strongest player actually beats their weakest player. Stop sabotaging your team mates, if you want to have a high quality team that isnt well trained. Be brave and face what your quality draws you against. Dun expect the lower quality players like myself to do the dirty work for you.

    Sorry fellow forumers. I know they read the forums and i have no way else to communicate after leaving

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