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Thread: For one game only....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narf View Post
    You're not getting it ... the point of countering is to neutralize his attacking players by putting defensive ones against their spots and exploiting gaps in his defense. It doesn't mean that you have to have the same amounts of attacking players against his defensive ones, you just need to figure out how to go around them. DML and DMR would usually be effective against an AMR and AML respectively, and with no DMCs - any count of AMCs that you can use is to your advantage.

    Otherwise - yes, 4-1-2-1-2 through the middle. I don't guarantee a win though - I just recently bought a DMC for the first time, so I haven't used that formation in practice. But logically, it should work.
    No probs, thanks for your input... Oh and Nordeus has given me your address so watch out if all goes wrong!
    Ha! Thanks again
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