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Thread: New 3D Graphics maybe confirmed

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    Exclamation New 3D Graphics maybe confirmed

    Tooked this from their end year review where they confirmed new graphics is coming

    New 3D Graphics maybe confirmed-screenshot-1289-.jpg
    New 3D Graphics maybe confirmed-screenshot-1291-.jpg
    New 3D Graphics maybe confirmed-screenshot-1290-.jpg

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    will be nice at least to see goals in 3d, that allways amuse me when i saw comment great header at roof of the net and in graphics shoot comes from edge of the box
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    But better only optionally caus many managers phone,computer can not handle that software
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    Quote Originally Posted by maloukees View Post
    But better only optionally caus many managers phone,computer can not handle that software
    If it's inside the own "Live animations" ON/OFF then perfect.

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    I hope so, it would make it easier to see what you lack exactly in your tactics or squad since you can monitor the match in real time. I've always wondered why they never just real-time sim'd the match in 2D. It would justify their claim that they don't fix matches or program troll results.
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    I really doubt we will have 3D graphic and I do not see it necessary at this point. The game is pretty slow anyway for many people who do not own a good device. Regarding that part of the video maybe they decided to bring back stadiums as they were missing from 2018 version.
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