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Thread: Arrow Theory

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    Arrow Theory

    What is your philosophy on arrows? Who do you send forward, make stay back, keep neutral and for what reasons?

    I run a 2-3-4-1, 2 DCs at the back, DL, DMC, DR making the 3 line that I nicknamed "the moat", 2 AMCs, AML, AMR making the 4 line or "the web", and my single ST up top. I have my DCs and DMC stay back and be defensive, my DMC being the most important as the catalyst for counter attacks. And everyone else is flying forward. With 7 players going all out on attack, from all different angles, it seems as if opponents have trouble containing and countering my team. Ever since the update, my team has seemed to operate pretty nicely. No more games where we can't seem to get anything started. I even get to enjoy some impressive possession and ball control as we move down the pitch toward their goal. What is your philosophy with arrows and how has that been working for you since the update?
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    What kind of opponents? easy/ alike/ hard
    how many matches have you played?
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    I had always 9 arrows. 7 red, 2 blue in the DCs. Since I started with the 4-3-3.

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    Arrow Theory

    I play ‘normal’ mentality, counter attacking with short passing and have often had the joy of seeing delicious counters in my games, moving up the field like poetry before a slick finish. I decided to simply emphasise what my team do in their play, so have my playmaker DMC with defence arrow to help defence and provide the counter threat on possession turnover. My main goal threats are my AML and AMR with 93 goals between them this season and they always provide the thrust of my play, so I have them with attacking arrows. Everyone else doing their standard job. I have been very strong against domestic and really strong association opponents so from my experience, I’d say don’t go crazy with them and just use them to compliment and command your play.

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    Are you using high pressing and hard tackling?