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Thread: Annoying

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    Yes this is another complaint about the engine we all know is broken. I'm just annoyed.

    So I started another team cus I was bored of super managing my main team and its the 2nd game of the season. My 2nd team is 80.3% the team I went against is 67%. They are the only threat to me in winning this league, probably what made this more annoying. We draw, I wasn't there to watch. But the comments were this "Credit to them, they were better than expected." I ABSOLUTELY HATE WHEN I GET THIS MESSAGE.

    Because to me it says- there's nothing we could have done. SCREW THAT. You are the engine, you are the algorithm, you could have done absolutely everything. You could have not given him the last minute goal he got 79' to tie it. You said my keeper lacked motivation? That's on you engine, that's on you. His morale is high, his condition is high, if he lacked motivation that's because of your dumbass numbers. Sorry it's just super annoying because most of the time I get this message is when I draw against competition I should never ever ever ever lose points to. I don't care about the occasional upset, or even losing, just don't tell me it's because they played better than expected. I would rather have a "tough day." as it implies it was all my team's fault. But this message implies that they were on my team's level and that's why we drew and I can't accept that mentally. Not to mention every side-by-side rating except the GKs my players are rated 1.0 to 2.0 score higher than every player on that team in every position. So you're telling me I can't knock in one more goal or keep one goal out? Seriously? I probably will win this league but it's just so freaking annoying. Ok, go ahead and tell me 'cool story bro' I just had to vent.
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    It is annoying to lose against a weaker opponent, but imo it is also a good thing that a random factor can make the difference, at least as long as the difference between the teams is between 0 and 20%, because losing against a team +20% below your rating with no manager watching the game shouldn't even exist. However it would be boring as **** if the better team always win.

    To be honest, although I understand how you feel, because I felt that way before, I don't think this particular case is a good case to point at the engine. A draw between 13% difference teams that had no manager watching the game seems normal to me. Not saying that it is 50-50, but probably 80-20 and **** happens.

    Good luck in the next round!
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    There was not such a big difference between you two so looks OK (more or less, don't get me wrong).

    Regarding the "Credit to them, they were better than expected." , all I can tell you is that this is just a text, nothing more. There are various scenarios and based on results you get one of these messages, not even sure how good they work cause I've seen some crazy ones in the past.
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    i know what you're saying, but i don't know why you're keep looking at AM advices... we all know they're random and useless most of the times.

    i remember few seasons ago when, after a defeat 2-1 against a 24% weaker team, the AM said: "expected loss, they were favorites for this match" so, every once in a while, the AM tells us when the engine trolls us )

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    It will be very annoying when
    Lost to a 20% weaker/ lower quality team
    Non attendance manager
    Lost by more than 2 goals and no goals scored
    Preparation level superb
    40% bonus
    Were undefeated before this match
    The team was last in the league