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Thread: Unbeatable rivals.

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    Unbeatable rivals.

    Anyone have any club that they face regularly but can't seem to gain the upper hand? Season after season you lose points or cup runs to this squad?
    I haven't met them in a cup setting yet but I have a club thats been in my leagur for the past 3 seasons. I just can't seem to beat them to save my life. Everytime I meet them I always lose to them away and draw with them at home. This morning qe faced at their place and we ended up drawing 3-3.
    I don't understand why I can't ever knock the edge. Im the past their form might have been a bit better but not by much and this time they had 2 Ls to my 5wins. They are always lower im quality than me. Always. First time we played they were about 12% lower now recently only 1-3%. Im always fully rested and moraled as I know our history. They've besten my past formation and my new formation. Theirs is a 2-2-2-2-2..
    And to make matters worse. They never finish higher than me. Last season I had about 9 pts more than them. They go on to lose 2 or 3 games against squads that I've dominated.Catch draws from lower side of the table teams. So why are they so invincible qgainst me on the pitch? Anyone else got a rival like this?

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    Well, not as you, but last 6 seasons i played same team in league and in champion league or/and cup. More or less both team are close in quality 3-8% diff. That turns on real rivality, first 2 seasons managed to get 1 tie in all games against it (think 10 or 12 games in total), costed me treble and cup , however, now having more luck or something, but our matches are 50-50, tbh, having real fun in those matches, manager is here, so more or less strategy and preparation are keys for wins on both sides