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Thread: Some thoughts and questions

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    Some thoughts and questions

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to this game. Manager lvl2 ATM, I started halfway through last season, managed to be 2nd in league.

    I built my team to be 4-2-2-2 magical boxes, and focused on that., I'm somewhat ignoring midfield, except DMC and AMC, seems like they can pick up the slack. I can tweak this a bit always. If there's injury I almost always have to tweak the formation to make up for it since I don't have subs for every position.

    Seems like younger players often receive better rating or score more than older, even if older players have more stars.? Of course formation affects and seems other players can support a AMC or ST in such a manner that they play or/and receive better ranking than others. IE. My AMC or even ML might score more than my ST's.

    Player mentality (normal, forward or falling back) seems to matter a lot. I'm figuring this out as I go.
    My general strategy is attacking with a strong defence (always depends, I never play strict formations, it depends on my opponent and I try to position players differently according to that). So that's one question; does it matter whether I place defender Infront or behind opponent player or attacker? Maybe if opponent is playing offside trap and anyways? I shouldn't place striker behind defender? In front of defender maybe they can receive passes better and avoid offside, or in other cases maybe behind opponents defender, and they get better chance of surprising and scoring? Dunno, I figure there might not be general rule, always depends.

    I've seen some team formations with wide defence and attacking players making straight line towards enemy goal. I'm wondering isn't it better to offset that straight line to be slightly diagonal, depending on opponent formation, so as to enable better passing around defence?

    Other thing I'm not sure about is what do different attributes do, like fitness? I read somewhere fitness would affect how resistant they are to tackling. But I would imagine fitness affecting how much condition a player can retain during game?
    Creativity, what it do and for who is it good?

    Special abilities; I dunno. I don't have many of those, 1 aerial defender, 1corner specialist, 1 shadow striker. Goalie has penalty stopper. I heard some are useless. Corner specialist is good at crossing but I very rarely score from that. I kind of wish I had a playmaker for a central position, but is this very good? I suppose other players creativity could bolster this?

    Seems teams or players stars don't necessarily matter so much; Ive lost to worse teams and sometimes won better teams.
    I understand the overall result is a soup consisting of so many aspects from all these, the tactics one uses, your overall strategy and the tactics and individual player mentality.

    There's more but this is enough thoughts for now. I'm interested in your thoughts about these, what kind of setup you like to play what works for you personally etc.

    P.S. there's the subject of bonuses from training and in game use, like any effect of using condition bonus in beginning of game?
    And the 2x video, does it only affect the team bonus or the training efficiency as well.


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    And the 2x video, does it only affect the team bonus or the training efficiency as well.
    the X2 vid affect only how fast you can catch the 4X10% bonus
    So with two vids and two training of 6,75% condition loss each, you can finish early in the morning with that.

    there's the subject of bonuses from training and in game use, like any effect of using condition bonus in beginning of game?
    players during match time loosing condition.
    This affect their performance later. Condition bonus reduce that effect.
    So it's a tiny factor.
    I use it some times at extra time of a game.

    There are many useful threads in tutorials and tactics. You can read them to earn time and sources.
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