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Thread: Top Eleven like a kinder surprise egg

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    Top Eleven like a kinder surprise egg

    This is my personal opinion but I don't like too much those changes of the game during the year.
    Specially about basic features of the game like the participation in competitions or associations, transfers of players, building the team, game play, gathering/management sources.
    Ok, some small cosmetic changes are welcome - or fixing few small things but in generals it's a strategy game and we must know the rules for the next year and not have a surprise every 1-2 months.
    As the nord-guys have contact with communities, the can gather the suggestions, improvements or problems of the game and once in a year implement those changes.
    It would be better of course if they could communicate that a month before, so to express our concerns but ok.
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    Kinder Egg indeed. Shiny packaging, broken toy inside and chocolate that leaves a bad taste in the mouth?
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    I am glad you are seeing this too Niko. Sometimes we may seem like complaining children but it is true that the game feels worse today than 1 year ago. I do not have any hope honestly anything will change.

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    As long as we keep asking directly for general/engine changes, but not cosmetic, we're good.
    Simple - they don't listen - we stop playing.
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    Fair enough
    Its like on release date we are entering Top Eleven 2019 beta and then major game with some big changes rolls in next months

    Nice suggestion mate

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    I 'm not against changes and improvements but I like some stability and rules for a long period.
    Few small changes like this one with the GK stats it's good.
    But bigger changes must be once in a year or maybe at the half of the year too.
    That also gives the game a character.
    TE 2018 was like this ...
    TE 2019 is like this ...
    TE 2020 will be like this

    30 updates in a year for what ?
    Isn't that affect the stability of the game (bugs) or the game play ?
    And some bugs are over a year now.
    If there is an issue with the skills of the players and performance, fix it. Don't come every month and change the rules of training (or tweaking the game engine).
    If there is an issue with the top 100 list, solve it. Don't destroy the game by removing features every while.

    Also, two seasons we had the League top scorer with a reward of 15 tokens, next season nothing, next season top scorer again with a reward of 10 greens, this season nothing again.
    What is this
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    Let them make the game -engine steady /balanced no more tweaks ect

    We had some seasons the game engine did work fine but then they decided to tweak it

    So first rule get the game-engine steady/balanced and leave it that way

    If they then want update the game then just for events and comestic play

    So we can enjoy the game again

    This season we have all a lot of problems again with the game-engine because of the tweaks

    and the performance of the servers could also be better

    Greetings Buster
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    I could not agree more with what you say nikolgiorgos.

    The most important thing for a managerial/strategic game is too maintain the rules for a reasonable time duration to allow for everyone to realize the (new) rules, learn by trying & gaining experience, adapt to the changes and (possibly) succeed.

    It could be 6 months, as you say, but not every 6 months (or even less), please allow me to add. Simply put, in particular what ever is related to the game engine should not change frequently.

    To emphasize more on this, if something goes "wrong" with a certain aspect of the game, which facilitates an excessive manipulation of the rules, Nordeus should not touch the game engine, as this will destroy everyone's game (and joy).

    Until we reach to the point where AI could be implemented in TE and game engine may adapt even to undesired manipulation and tackle it efficiently, any changes should always consider the normal player/customer, who invests time and perhaps money.

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