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Thread: You thought player's rating matters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vad View Post
    What you said is that performance in the game does not depend on external training. Right? In this case, if the guy with 2 stars has performed better than couple of guys with 6, then what those stars even mean?
    No, "game does not depend on external attributes"- to be more precise aas at some point train grow the Avq, what affect the chances, but regarding the individuality of a single player, /performance it is different IMO.

    1- Probably if the 2*is trained till 6* will perform better and with differance than the 6* that actually faced.
    2-The 11 main players are increasing the Main Avq, and the distance between the main Avq's of 2 teams are what set the scenario.
    3- as said, the external attributes affect very slightly to the players performance, as every single player have internal skills and parameters set by default.
    A non contributive player -one that dont show the name in the written live simulation- cant be suddenly, a "Key player" scoring a goal per match.

    Is a matter of weights, and internal weights really. Think that 2 exact players, as a easy example to explain, 2 STs can have same stars, profile, etc, but one can be programmed to score the 35% Max. of attempts and the 2nd a Max of 3%. , then if you keep the 1st in 5* (EX.) and you grow the 2nd till 9* this Max. Cap will remain.

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