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Thread: new animations

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    new animations

    has anyone seen any new animations during game,i've certainly seen a new one well to me a new one pass back to GK and in two cases a goal has been scored from GK passing ball back into the middle
    beats seeing player run forward with ball into semi circle looks like hes going to score then runs back to centre circle ???? and then runs forward again and score all against me grrrr ???
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    Yup, even me. A team scored the same way against my team. My GK passed a long ball and THE OPPONENT MC scored a direct goal even before my team could touch the ball hahah. I lost but that was pretty funny. If T11 had 3D option that be really hilarious.

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    when i saw a live match the defender passed it to the gk

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    I've seen the animation many times, I call it the "for sure goal" animation. Anytime your GK deflects a ball and the game doesn't fade out within 2-3 seconds, the other team will score 100%. It's hilarious when the guy that shot the first shot gets the ball back off the reflection and just knocks another stunner into the top corner of the net lol.

    The newest animations that I have seen are a free-kick animation where the kicker hits the ball into the wall but the ball ricochets off the wall into one of their teammates and he knocks the goal in, that one stunned me. And I've also noticed a lot of defensive animations that stop balls mid-pass rather than off-tackles like the usual. They need to add more though to freshen the game up, especially if they won't include a 3D option or full live match games
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    There also new animation where player kicking but the keeper block it and another player receive the ball and boom goal, just like tap in goal. would be awesome to watch in 3D

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    Animations are ridiculously stupid... 2D animations for Top 11 are the most idiotic thing in gaming history... Movement of players, with or without the ball, passing decisions, corners, one on one situations, crosses, it looks like devs have never seen any football match before... And they don't even match text commentary or game stats...