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Thread: All the TE versions before 8.2 have been turned off ?

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    All the TE versions before 8.2 have been turned off ?

    As Lian said

    that means no more easy farming anymore.
    I 'm playing in light mode so I don't care much but when I want to get some extra greens, I go to old version (7.6) .
    I cannot follow that 24 hours policy in farming because I do not play TE 24 hours a day

    But are you sure (talking about the devs) that you want to do this ?
    Your profit from watching ads will drop more than 50%.
    Despite the end of negotiations and the increase of tokens someone needs to spend in auctions to buy descent players, I see more and more people not willing to pay real money in the game as you continue promoting the tanking teams in the events and the abandoned teams in gameplay.
    So from where that missing profit will come ?

    From the new game Heroic ?
    Hold your horses.
    As I was talking with a lot of people, most of them downloaded this to get the relative TE jersey and most of them didn't like it because it has nothing to do with TE.

    I suggest at least remove the 24 hours policy, to save something from the upcoming disaster (if you still care for TE).
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    You covered everything I wanted to tell. That's exactly my opinion..

    I just downloaded heroic for the jersey, it's not the type of game I like

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    I think it's much better if you close this game, I don't know what you can do with 25 greens pack, now when we must to training and first 11, to have 10% bonus, thank you very much nordeus

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    Let's keep this thread clean from troll comments and put some dialogue and arguments.
    I 'm gonna delete everything out of topic or just some general moaning.
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    The question is what will other people say who didn't know about that. It is clearly unfair for others who didn't collect rests through other version...

    I think Nordeus should allow us to watch 30 ads + 15 for players without 24h timer. What do you think about that? Also what about people who collected 10.000+ rests? They will be kings now... Atleast remove 24h timer for ads so that we can refill our players for other matches. Thank you !
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    The 24-hour counter should definitely be lifted
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    Step 1-24 hour's until take green's
    Step2- training first 11 for 10% bonus (lose 10% condition, need 11 green's
    Step3- block old version for greens
    Lose 10% for training, play 2 game's per day lose around 35-45% condition, at the end of the day we need around 30-40 greens
    My question for you, why you don't grow percentage for 3 hour bonus from 6% to 8%??? Me personal if I have a game when my team should receive 6% bonus, don't add anything, so should continue to play this game, any motivation for the people witch play this game and lose 1-2 hours per day???
    I'm very curious what will be you're next step, I hope you will came with something good. Cheers!

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    Agree, lot of people doesn't have time to check and open game every hour just for ads, and with error nowdays where ads doesnt even show up.

    just lift and remove that 24h policy already, its iritating..
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    Yes, please remove the 24 hour rule. Most other games do not have it and some do not even have a limit on videos watched.
    I am so tired for having to set alarms just to prevent loss of time and greens everyday.

    But good job on removing older versions. At least it is now fair for all of us.

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    You can actually train the team for bonus10% have good condition. And gain some extra green packs and moral packs each day. . This system they have now rewards active players. And that's exactly how it should be. You don't wanna set a certain time between day reset and your first game ? Fine. But then you face the consequences. I actually earn about 5-6 moral packs and 12-15 green extra per day. Having good condition. Superb/very Good morale. Obviously important might use more packs than normal. Usually end of seasons. But to ask for more packs or making it easier. Seems a bit greedy. So to sum up. If you everyday spend 1 hour total in this game. You will have all the benefits this game offer for free. That's included adds for packs and watching the matches. If you can't do that. You will pick up more defeats. And that's how it should be. But there is always tokens to boost you up😘 if you don't Wanna put any effort in

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