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Thread: Games Where You're the Favorite are Traps.

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    Games Where You're the Favorite are Traps.

    This is my only advice to whatever update has happened. I've noticed that every game where I am the favorite are the hardest games ever lol. My team can't get passed their defense, their goalie blocks every free-kick, me going one goal up just for them to get a penalty 2 minutes later to tie it up. I always win these games like 2-1 and i'm either at a stalemate or down until like the 80' minute. I share most of the possession and make the most attacking opportunities but that does not matter in these games.

    Treat these games like finals, rest your players up. Train them. Be there to watch these games. These are the games that will ruin your season, not the game against the team who's 2% higher or lower than you. Ok, that's all I got for now lol
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    Games Where You're the Favorite are Traps.
    Of course.
    Cannot be games where the other team is stronger.

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    Me too, I hate to be the favourite , most of the time I’m just happy when I win.
    How many. Times I lose points against those teams

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    Favourite it's like the avq, just a visual info' ...never a guarantee or something like this.

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    Obviously! Team quality means absolutely nothing in this game.
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