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Thread: Back after many months of absence; I have a few questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Run away - run very far away.

    This game is nerfed - I have been not watching matches as that is the sure-fire way of not getting overturned bythe minnow teams, and getting a better result against against most of the better ones.

    As such, most of the joy has gone out of the game. You should be able to attend matches and feel that your reaction to match conditions and incidents have made an effect on the result - nothing can be further than the truth. When you get the feeling you are just going through the motions and not getting any satisfaction, then that may well be the point that it would be better to find something else more rewarding to play/do.

    Rant over.
    Well... I have been reading around the forum, and those things spoke about like changes, trolls, nerfed.... are things that existed way back itself. Maybe they have become more apparent to people with time and those people got the perception that certain things were not there at all before. For example, my team won many trophies (unexpectedly) during the periods I stop playing seriously where I left it fully abandoned or sometimes half abandoned (just coming online to check what was going on out of curiosity). It even went to win a double and a treble with no management (no attendance, no training, no boosting of fitness or morale, no countering and so on). It was as or was easier to win trophies this way than playing the game seriously and putting all this effort in attending, managing and so on. So, many undesirable things existed in the past and some things were enforced with time for whatever reasons.

    What has not changed are those things the Greek user posted - look for fast trainers, train them and also avoid strong opponents. The first two are the main basics that even a newbie or the average guy can do and is expects to get better results.
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