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Thread: I want an explanation!!!

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    I want an explanation!!!

    WTF is this??? I want an explanation!!!

    Yesterday, I played against a bot team (Ruddy F.C.) in Super League... We won 7 - 0... Today, the same team is called FC Tigers and is 5 stars strong???

    And no, those 5 star players were not bought overnight... Those are the same 2 star players from my game, just different names and 3 added stars... And player ratings say so... New players have ratings in their profiles, from 7- 0 game...

    I want an explanation!!!-1roo.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rooo.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rnnn.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rnnnn.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rnnnnn.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rnnnnnn.jpgI want an explanation!!!-1rnnnnnnn.jpg

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    when you see 2* bot teams at the start of the season, most likely, sooner or later, it will be replaced with a 5* active team that comes back after a break. nothing wrong here... happened to me many times. it never happened in cup, only in league. and i don't know why, but the active team appeared right before the match against me and the troll is inevitable. that's how bad this game is. period.

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    But how an abanoned team after a game break returned and now playing in Super league ?

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    Maybe changed their team name and bought a new team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    But how an abanoned team after a game break returned and now playing in Super league ?
    Was placed 5-8 last season... not that hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUNO FC View Post
    Was placed 5-8 last season... not that hard
    no, those teams didn't finish at 1-8 positions.
    I think it's the same story like those I posted yesterday here

    I cannot explain it, only following TE general rule - That there are no rules
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