I'd just like to say that this isn't a troll result in the "unfair" way but a literal troll by the game. I'm not complaining about it (the team was only a few % below me and the manager is active even though he wasn't in attendance), just thought it was a funny story.

So here's the abridged version

It's an away game in the Champions league group stage.
2' - Opponent scores 1-0
6' - Opponent scores 2-0
I log on with score 2-0
31' - Opponents midfielder makes a forward run, gets on the wrong side of the defender and slots it past the keeper 3-0
37' - Free kick just outside the area, wonderfully hit, no chance for the keeper 3-1
38' - Possession given away almost straight after the kickoff, quick counter attack, No. 10 played through with only the keeper to beat and he makes no mistake 3-2
55' - Opponents striker drift out wide, left winger makes diagonal run into the box, cross comes in and its converted 4-2
67' - I decide to switch to 3 at the back with 2 strikers and it immediately pays off 4-3
80' (approximately) - My CAM has the ball outside the area and launches one...into the post, rebound is cleared.
85' - Striker clean through on goal, only the keeper to beat...chips it over the top.
90' - Left winger finds himself in space and tries to pick the corner...picks the post instead, rebound is cleared.

What's funny is that while I was writing this I had a troll result against an abandoned team that was 30% below me. How many of you can say tht you've had two different kind of trolls in 24 hours