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I do that some times, I sub one player with an attacker from the bench with higher attacking skills.
But it's not so useful because when the procedure goes to the 6th-7th penalty, it stops and gives the victory to opponent.
Let’s say you are in the CL Final. This happened to me about a year ago on an old account, the game went to penalties, we were the stronger side and we were drawing 2-2 by the 5th penalty, and when he scored his 5th one, it is pretty much guaranteed you will miss your final penalty and that is what happened to me, that was my first CL Final and I am hoping to advance to my 4th one, my 2nd one In 3 seasons and I am hoping to win it for the first time. I will go into the second leg with a healthy 6-0 lead. And yes I have lost all of my CL Finals (to weaker teams)

Nik thanks for supporting me in the last few league matches, the cup final, CL Matches and friendlies.

Support is always appreciated.

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