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Thread: The Game gradually becomes BUSINESS

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    The Game gradually becomes BUSINESS

    As my experience of playing this game for five years, this game becomes more requesting money. As a big proof, the last event (Unite Aganist Giants 2019) is the strong evidence of Nordeus plan. In that event, our team compete with very very strong opponents. Those opponents must be beaten in many times until we got some qualified points. To get Logo, we must pass all opponents within seven days. As statatics, there are very very less chances to pass all opponents. So, we should use our tokens. I think no FA can pass the event without using at least 80-100 tokens. For token poor managers, they need to buy tokens with real money. This is the main point I want to say. All of the reward of the event of each stage are very very childish (it means very very little amount of the reward). So, there is no balance of resource between we use and we got. Nordeus is trying to get money in many ways. The game is not for happiness, it is only for money. So, we will consider to continue playing this game or we should pay suggestions to new gamers. There are very very unfair things between Nordeus and gamers. In fact, Nordeus becomes one of FRAUD & SCAM departments excisting in the World.

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    ok, we got your point in every thread you make.
    Now it becomes boring repeating same things that already mentioned.
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    It was always a business, but, in my opinion, it is the direction that they have gone and still going that is wrong. Why would a company provide people with something for free, but where they themselves investing a lot of money. This would not make any sense; they need get money back and also need make profits. Money is the motivation for people to provide many of those services in the world. There is nothing wrong if a company is providing something and in exchange is asking for money, but it is what you get that is important - it is called value for money. As a customer - someone that have been buying a lot since his comeback - I am not satisfied with many things, and I do not like the direction the company is going. The game became increasingly inconvenient - a pain, with the trouble experienced to find the desired players and also those very demanding events - it is no longer a game for fun and entertainment but more like a pain in the ass job. The company does not even support and encourage its customers; instead, it penalises them by putting them in tougher competitions (+1 level CL, +1 level Cup, grouped with many other strong teams in league, put to face tough opponents in associations including tankers and those teams having mutants). Adding to that all the other negatives (bugs, flaws, scam offers, and so on), it is not worth supporting this game by spending so much money. Like I said in one of my recent posts, I do not regret having spent so much money on this game, but I will quit soon, and I will be free from this ****. I am staying for this season because I can still have some fun playing for the money I have already spent and also I cannot abandon the association I am in just like that. So, next season, I will quit. No regrets.

    I think you should stop banging your head against the wall by continuing making such posts because certain things have not changed since years despite many many complaints from users and it is unlikely that they will improve. Take the best decision for you; there are many other games available out there, and also there are better things than playing mobile-based platform video games that you can do for entertaintment or to keep you occupied.
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