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Thread: Somebody hacked my FB account

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    Question Somebody hacked my FB account

    Come on Devs.

    Why can't I reset my FB account connected to the game? 2 days ago somebody broke to my FB and deleted it. Must I start everything all over?

    Why do You not allow to change TE account to other FB account? Is there a good reason?

    Please respond why You don't allow it.

    It can be an option in this kind of situation. Or can it?

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    How someone hacked your fb account and why to do that and delete it ?
    The only cases I know is when managers gave their access to some tricksters for promising tokens.
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    I don't think it's a good idea to allow this. Might encourage selling of accounts

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    Because maybe its compicated, maybe no.. not just this game, many games that connected to fb, you cant connect it to other fb account, unless others like gplay or like that.

    and fb fckd nowdays