Summarizing: The negociations directly between players, that starts being a very useful thing for all players for the whole season, two seasons ago was relegated on the last week, loosing all it usefullness. I hope Nordeus reconsider this and return to make it able all the season.

A player of 19 years and 99% is a jewel if you can have it on the team from the first week. Training normally with others throughout the season will end, more or less, with 120%, starting next with 90% and being able to be part of your team for several seasons, until he gets older and the effect of training declines. My best players of all times goes like this.
Until the arrival of the negotiations, you could only get a player 19/99% in the first week through the auction. The negotiations, in addition to expanding the possibilities of obtaining these jewels, opened the option of making direct deals between players, obtaining benefits in tokens, also Nordeus, and other advantages. For a couple of seasons Nordeus has decided to suspend the main benefit of this option of negotiations, relegating it to the last week.
But a player 19/99% in the final week is not a jewel, is a ruin. Without an specific, personal and expensive training, he will reach at most 105%, starting the following season with a miserable 85%. As we use to say in Spain, “un pakete".