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Thread: problems with this game

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    problems with this game

    GK who can't save
    play defensive have more attack and shots on goal,play attack get more defensive and have less shots on target whats that about?
    loose easily to weaker team yet play harder team and win
    don't watch match have better chance to win
    have many friend support in game and loose to weaker side ?
    events that favour opponent
    events were same 2/3 players are yellow carded/red carded/ injured
    best player always given yellow card/second yellow card/red card and injured before important CUP/CL/SL semi-final/final
    favour lower level side in CUP/CL/SP to the point on my level were same side who are a level below me have won CL 3 times running including twice beating me in knockout faze which given using the stats of that side made me a level below them? whats that about? I was glad to see in this seasons cup they finally lost to a side 40% less than them in stats yet a level above them ?

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