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Thread: Super subs

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    Super subs

    I was having a relatively difficult game in the UCL earlier today.
    Active opponent, with a good team, watching the game.
    10' - Yellow card for my DR
    49' - my MC is injured, no replacement (my bad). I fill his place with a AMC and hope the thin middle line DMC-MC-AMC will do the job.
    52' - Yellow card for my DMC
    My star scorers, the ST and the AML, are underperforming, ratings of 6.6
    85' - Maggio comes in - I bring in another AMC instead of my AML and move the current AMC to AML
    85' - Tierney comes in -I replace my star striker with my substitute 4* ST, which has been with the club for 7 seasons, I place him as Free-kick taker.
    86' - Maggio scores from a long shot!
    88' - Tierney scores from a free kick!

    Both players have been with the club for a while and are the best scorers in finals in all competitions (11 and 10 goals respectively in UCL, Cup and Supercup finals).

    Pleased to see how players keep their worth even if they are down on stars and stats!

    Feel free to post any similar stories of super subs!

    Super subs-1.jpg
    Super subs-2.jpg
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    I got the same situation, same minute 85' when I changed the aml for a amc, same minute 85' scored

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    Super subs-85.jpg

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    Wow, impressive, mate. Haven’t seen a thing like this before although it is definite the dices were rolled for you to win already.

    Edit: They are incomparable, Khris, sorry. The gracious and treacherous generator loves him more than you apparently.
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