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Thread: Players injured

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    Players injured

    Guys, today is the 5th day of season and 5 players of my main squad got injured, don't know why it's happening too often, last season I barely got any injury... Also, I lost my first match after 53 winning streak, which sucks, the opponent was very weak but due to half of my team wasn't able to play, I lost 3x2.
    It's only happening when I play home! Is it because I'm leveling my pitch at the moment? Can someone explain to me what's going on?

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    I had a season like that. Hopefully you saved enough reds. Use them for your main team. You can buy 1 token players to replace the bench so don't waste reds on them.

    It doesn't seem to be related to the pitch or medical center from what I noticed

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    If you are on the lower levels, and your pitch is not at high quality, that can cause injuries to your squad. The other scenario could be since you had a good season last season with no injuries, then they are making you pay for that lol. Make sure you stock up on injury packs, if you have multiple friends on the game, you can get up to 1 a day from daily log in gifts.

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    rest packs

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    Daily 25 green packs from ads is for training, while the other 15 ads should be on funds first, then on red packs before end of season. Assuming max team bonus would cost 2 ads (or even 1 ad - ), you could save 13 reds in each of the last 7 days of a season, plus 1 each from friend’s gift, and a few more from matches and boxes, before the next starts. That 100+ reds should last you a whole season of injuries.

    Upgrading the pitch should help reducing injuries, though injuries are quite random that luck (or lack of) may be even more of a factor.
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