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Thread: Tactical help against table topper!!

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    Tactical help against table topper!!

    Day after tomorrow I have a match against the table topper. I am currently at 4th with 3 points separating all 4 of us. 2 3 4 are on same points, just with GD differences.

    So here are our tactical setups

    I normally play a 4 2 3 1, attacking, down the flanks, short, counters off, high press, man to man and hard/normal tackle with offside on.

    I am 114%, with a not so good substitute bench, he is 115.7%. Mobdro
    So, tell me people what tactics should I use and what formation should I use
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    After seeing both your team and opponents formation, forget about tactics, make sure u give them good win bonus and increase their morale. The more motivated wins.