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Thread: 6 seasons of research

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    6 seasons of research

    And im pretty sure its better not change formation for every match.. Just use one basic formation and react only with arrows and different players and team mentality, there is some kind of atribute that works when you play with same formation more matches for sure. Just my two cents to crazy counter formations

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    Agree. I have a settled formation and hardly change it. Same goes with the players now. I used to have two complete teams (1 for league, and 1 for cup). But now, I have a main starting XI and just change the odd player. I've only used 15 players so far this season.

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    I used to play 4-4-2 all the time in the lower levels, but used to do well except when I came up against formations like the Narrow Diamond counters the 4-4-2. I did okay because I had a strong squad, As for countering I've had similar results to using a fixed formation, with the odd few poor results against weaker teams, I feel that counter formations now are less effective than they used to be after findings and also forum feedback in the last few seasons.
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