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Thread: Negotiations

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    Can we please have a fair managers agreement when it comes to negotiations.

    I am getting irritated with having to reject managers taking chances with their 0T offers.

    When i buy a player from a manager I offer at least 3T for a 18 yr old that plays 1 position and have no SA. Most of the time the offer is accepted. I have seen a player go for more than 22 tokens today in the auctions and that was 21 yr old MC with dribbling SA. If you compare that to the negotiations, that would be an offer of at least 7or 8 tokens to another manager.

    From my side I have accepted 2 token offers depending on player.

    Maybe Nordeus should consider adding an option to withdraw offer if the selling manager asks too much.

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    if someone offers you 0 Tokens for a player, set the price to the maximum and block his tokens for 24 hours. i do. annoys me when i see their offer. serves them right !